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There are an infinite amount of timelines, of things that could or might not happen. Choices.

I think Russia, as in the Russian people, would make good allies for 3rd party-conservative Americans and states. Speaking of potential, America could still split in two -- or into many small factions of states with "similar interest".

Do to the fact that I would get punished with radiation every time I tried to learn Russian, id say there is something the Annunaki don't like about Russia or two. Its one of the few things I would get punished for, next to meditating/raising my vibration too high. In fact, they don't like independent/confident cultures that happen to love their humanity as well. Like off the top of my head, Japan is the only other example -- just in case you didn't know what Fukashima was about (they were being punished).

They don't like American 3rd partiers/conservatives b/c of the same reasons. People they aren't ever going to control.

Peace, Love, Sage, and Orion's Belt!!

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