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Originally Posted by oneriver View Post
Ok, take any random object or animal, although that object or animal is composed of the One it does not follow that the individual/separated object/animal has any of the qualities of the One. It is separated from Source and is as such unable to see the wood for the trees.

It (the conscious animal) thinks itself autonomous (ego) and does not see or sense the higher realms of our past and future glories shimmering there just beyond the dusky veil.

What chance of this creature retaining it's consciousness through many lives and deaths? It can not even understand from what is visible, how would it understand what is invisible?

How do we escape intact unscathed and unharvested by the Moon?
However - the visible world may be simply a holographic visualisation, in which case each part may contain it's own copy of the whole. I do not know if that copy relates to when the part became isolated from the whole, or whether it continually updates to the latest version - perhaps someone else may know. Perhaps this explains the inability of mankind (or should I say "personkind") to truly become an essential part of nature. How can opposing magnets become one? - Of course, they already are one, but differing and opposing forces of that one.
Nevertheless, if everything contains the same part - a common particle, then we are certainly all one - but differing expressions and perceptions of that same particle. The opposition has to remain in place for each to exist in duality and balance. If one is removed, then the other will fail.
For any good to come from anything, then there must be bad as a measuring/ balancing point.

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