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Originally Posted by bird View Post
Most definitely he does; he is known as 'PeterMac' on Jill Havern's forum: 'The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann' and was posting merrily away last night on page 5 of this thread:

You're right, he wasn't named in the link quoted earlier, but he is quoted as the author on another thread on Jill Havern's forum titled:

'Open letter re Crimewatch programme 14 October'.

Members of that forum have all been writing to Gavin Chappelle, producer of 'Crimewatch' and Joe Mather, its editor, in an effort to prevent a reconstruction being shown that could be misleading.

The McCanns and their friends refused to take part in a reconstruction demanded by the Portuguese Police in early 2008.
Yeah I read a few comments from him yesterday, he even posted where he lives to verify himself, quite a man it seems!
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