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Originally Posted by schumie View Post
It will probably be ignored - but at their peril

what perhaps cannot be ignored is the events in a court in Portugal today

Where various witnesses testified that the book written by Goncalo Amaral where he states in his opinion ( as the lead detective in the case before his removal) that Maddie is dead and that her parents concealed her corpse

Many official witnesses testified that this book was based on fact and the official police files

this was said in a court of law and is now official record ( not that you will have heard any of this on the news)

the link is from a very informative facebook group ( although I know many here despise facebook)

Interesting times ......
The daily court hearing is interpreted into English on the same forum that I read the above letter. It would appear that the mcscams witnesses are doing the mcscams little good. The judge in the case after hearing trish mcscams evidence dismissed her in a very uncourteous manner.
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