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Originally Posted by biblegirl View Post
Have you had any problems after the anti D? I have been wondering if this shot works in the way of preventing. Is it something you have to get each pregnancy?
Hi... Something you have to get during and immediately after each pregnancy. It's given in each thigh, would say it hurts, but hey, while you are laying there feeling like you have been split open it pales in comparison!! I have mentioned on here before that the treatment for my blood disease is to be bled approx. every 3 weeks to a month depending on how my bone marrow is functioning. This is the WEIRD part. While I'm laying on one cot during phlebotomy, there will be a person dying right beside me who has a red blood count that is incredibly low. I have asked repeatedly why they won't try to give my blood, after all O neg is a universal donor. I mean so what if they recieve too rich of blood? They are dying, right? But they always inform me that my blood is a "biohazard" and treat it like poison!
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