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Ok so basically...

Like most of this disinfo,

The webpage is a psyop operation, turns out there is no time travel involved, no witchcraft(in a mystical sense) and no aliens or channelled demons involved.

The truth is that the homepage is a TRAP!

It makes you think you are a rebel, fighting against the machine like Neo in the Matrix


Just like most disinfo there is a swerve, turns out while you think you are "shedding the programming/brainwashing", in reality you are being bombarded with an attack on your belief system using NLP and other very advanced forms of manipulation.

They give you an inverted picture of the truth, which is a bit closer to reality than what we are taught, but while you are getting those truthful bits,

you are also being manipulated into Luciferian philosophies such as creating your own reality, enlightenment through Kundalinic meditation/masturbation withdrawal and Lucifers favorite topic Pedophilia. Only reason the page pushes love is because it wants you to love a 14 year old...

Ok mystery solved here, we are done. Everyone pack up your bags, nothing more to see here lol..

I am sure whoever made the homepage(same people who sponsor Alex Jones) were very aware of the upcoming 9-11 psyop so they threw Osama Bin Ladens name in there since he is a damn character like most people you see in the news.

No wonder people get so paranoid in this thread and we run into trippy AI bots like IRV. There is a bunch of intelligence operatives and AI poking around here.

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