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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
you are very wrong there GMP which is true to form for you

to understand the intelligence behind all these centrally orchestrated things such as chemtrails, vaccination, flouridation, false flags, austerity etc it is necessary to go deeper then ''it's the powers that be''

if you have nothing useful to contribute you can leave now
' Chemtrails' = A small but vociferous cult. Lots of beliefs, very little in the way of hard evidence. What is being sprayed, by whom, on whom and to what end? You don't know do you? No fecker does. Belief and Knowledge are not the same thing.
Vaccination = Parental choice so mind your own business.
Fluoridation = Be thankful for drinkable water straight from your tap. Many in the world don't have that luxury. If you don't want to drink flouridated water buy fluoride-free water and drink that instead. Job jobbed.
False Flags = How clever of you to know they are 'false' - do tell us more.. As you do.
Austerity = Compared to whom? Street kids in Calcutta maybe?
TPTB = Power is only ever given, it is NEVER appropriated. Just say 'No'.
Hope those help.
Carry on.
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