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Originally Posted by waxedsoul View Post
I agree, utterly- I think there's a process that precedes even being able to comprehend this sick shit though, to be fair.

It's one thing to have a vague awareness, quite another to be hit about the face with it- it repels you on the most baseline level- having gone through an 'awakening' programme, which almost left me mad as a blind bluebottle, it's still really hard to digest this information- for the love of 'baby jesus', doesn't that make us human as opposed to psychopaths??!!

I do agree, that metaphorically singing 'la la laaa... nothing to see here' isn't helping, but cut people some slack.

I don't think any of us here are naive, otherwise we'd never have clicked on this thread- we are all aware of the depravity of the situation at hand.

I can't watch horror films for the same reason, not that I'm not aware of sadistic murderers, I just cannot bear to be witness to re-enactments of it.

You're absolutely right, we need to collectively man up and start taking accountability- the problem is, as I illustrated myself- from a relatively enlightened viewpoint- people cannot bear to know. It breaches the threshold of what people can mentally accommodate.

No point arguing the toss over it, that's the situation- so what next???
send a link to this thread and the videos to everyone you know!!

these kids are telling the truth that is for sure.
Check out Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's videos on food is your medicine and MUCH more.

There 'should be' 1000's of REAL, high quality photograph's of earth from space/moon all over the internet - WHERE ARE THEY?!

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