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Originally Posted by tsafirkamel View Post

Is it not We who sent Noah as a messenger to warn you of the great flood, and you did not heed our warning?
Are you as arrogant to not fear God?
When your cancer heals or your blessings are met, do you deny God?
Can you not see that God is the creator of ALL LAW; therefore God is ALL LAW.
We have gave you great signs through the course of your existence that angels were guiding you.
Those who are in the light of God will be graced by the His holy spirit.
Will you not listen to a Messenger with no motive who handed out his wealth freely in the streets to merely be heard?
As Noah came to you with warnings of The Flood, Tsafir comes to you with warning of Earthquake Adallah.
Has the Lord not given you clear signs of his existence?
Are you not enlightened to see how Hollywood has created a system of vanity, madness, and falsehoods?
Curse the accursed ash-shaytan YMCMB who speak of double-minded nature.
Hollywood, the double-minded town of gossip, fashions, and perversions.
It is God who is almighty, and is capable of creation and destruction.
Are you to actually believe there is no sin except restriction?
Your streets stink with lust and your teeth shine with greed.
YMCMB will prostrate before our God.
We wil all prostrate before God because it is only He who we should fear and serve.
LAPD: There is no Law, but ALL LAW. The earthquake will decimate your families and your police stations.
No matter how many times you have molested me and beaten me up: you are not the law.
God is All-Knowing, Ever-Merciful and he witnessed my acts of kindness in a city which worships greed over generosity and vanity over humility.
This television show and blog has never been about my Ego or fortune.
I want to walk with a herd of Goats down ventura boulevard and sunset boulevard.
I want lambs in my streets.
I will win Lambhood and I will silence the beasts in your land.
God wishes us to Love for Love: not for the money, the power, or the fame.
Lil Wayne: The Great Accursed Ash-Shaytan.
He will be slain! I must defened John Coltrane!
The posions of Alcohol and Nicotine are not to be worshipped.
God bans poisons! God wishes nothing but health for his children and we are all sons of God.
Curse the Church with all the might of Elah: We are all sons and Daughters of God guided by the Holy Spirit.
Your lies about Isa / Yashua / Jesus will be dealt with. Jesus was never crucified because my God would not allow a Lamb to be sacrificed. My God is the God of Daniel. The distorted books of the torah and the new testament will be accursed. They are not accurate. Truth will win! There are 2 billion of Us and We grow because We are in truth.
Does not 2 + 2 = 4 ? Is God not creating the winds in your city as we speak?
When Earthquake Adallah happens, you remember that our God was responsible.
His name is Elah and he is your God.
The Unbelievers will meet the hellfire. Tsafir has warned you of the Earthquake:
If you do not leave this accursed city, that is your choice.
Your city will be completey swallowed in flames and chaos and all buildings will fall except mine because you did not heed the message of God. You mocked me. You arrested me. You belittled me.
Curses upon the unbelievers: I say again:
God says, " do not worship false idols " , and your system of idols and polytheism in Hollywood creates separation between men. Men work with fellow Men in the art of construction. I am not to be lusted after because my facial features are nice. I am to be worked to death in the name of God. Men of the Microphone must be silenced that they may build. You will be forced to work with your hands as Jesus did. YMCMB will learn that money is made through craftsmanship, and not talking over a beat. The Accursed Ash-Shaytan will be silenced. The perversions of Hollywood have ruined my nature, and I will not allow this to happen to any other man. The images of Hollywood are sickening. My soul and being is forever corrupted. I will protect the innocence of the youth like they were my own children.

It is I who gives birth to New Jerusalem.
The Spirit commands that Los Angeles be renamed New Jerusalem and the Jews be moved to Los Angeles in New Jerusalem. The people of the book must be saved. The true Jews and Christians of the book mean well, but their scriptures have been falsified by Shaytan. Shaytan is upon the world. The voices of hollywood speak like Shaytan rather than like Angels. The city of angels is a city of devils. There is no decency in your city. Lambs are not welcome in hollywood. Lambs are eaten alive in satanic rituals. I know all of Hollywood's secrets. They drink the blood of the innocent: for real. Roman Polanski raped women and escaped. The blood of saints and prophets of all the earth is in your city. Your whole city must be silenced. Your city and television is a great means of separation and deception that my God will not allow.

The Angel Gabriel is here with me. I promise he is Here as he visited Muhammad and Jesus: he is here.

Hollywood must heed my warning.

There are not stars, but the stars in sky.

All other stars are creations of vanity and thelemite falsehoods.

Please, Hollywood must heed my warning or your city will perish.

I have a clear moral and financial plan to save your city.

Please see not my age, but the words I speak.

Hollywood is decaying and dying and has been for 4 decades.

Please let me save my city. You must listen to what I propose before it is too late.

I love to watch your videos. I don't know if it is the neurolingistic programming or the tone of your voice, or even that you feel what you are saying with your heart.
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