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Been writing over weekend and this is about that Novichuckle brothers.
I thank you for the threads on this forum though! So this one's for you!


Timestamp altered digits
Toxic in a perfume bottle
If only suspected
Box didn't smell of urine

Presented as gift ITV Daytime fixed
Scowl and hard when recover
Wearing baseball cap

And nothing of agencies
Operating around globe
Regardless of Lennon's borders

Not in training of assault course
Not educated improvised weapons
Not employed for crushed withdrawn

Only free because hands are full
Chasing untempered cells
Foreign agencies lost control of
As well the ones bought for causes

Money kept on running to
If the plans to pull down house
Implemented but not recorded
What silence bought imagine fire

Who dares to stand next to burning
Steel overflowing bin radioactive bottle
Recovered intention of present
No funeral definitely no wedding

Didn't even check if wet from rain or urine?
Arguments over timestamps
On images of suspects
I thought shadows on brow...

... Darkened background
Made passport images useless?
Again wouldn't behind
If walking following timesteps

Out from control agency for embarrassment
Russia's total emergency harassers
Until Christmas you found win
Wet box of perfume for men

Takeaway leftover in corner of tin
If accept timestamp explain this
Which country defeating ISIS?

Nobody takes your timestamp
Of your realisation.
Because you can never say "Shit... I'm fucked" enough in your own language
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