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1 of 3 but different each etc


Forever round the corner same for military
Ignoring curtains of scenery
Never constant the insides over time
Assuming if never bombed from high
The building stretch along the road forever

Yesterday positive was successful
There was sunlight places to sit and crowds
An empty chair wine glass poured for them
For her ghost from her memory right in front of the stage
A sit in falling sunlight then wait for transport
That was forever round the corner yesterday

A quiet pause even for Saturday morn
Sense excitement no bitterness for nothing mourns
No animals from large to small a weaker lifeform mauls
What remains from the charred not crushed under book
Flames on moor harming more environment murdered
There can be no silence when people active shout

Never stop working it out if bored of making it up
Theory is an energy made her cry nearly in touch with bride
Despairing seems easy but how weighted over essential?
Don't waste this ransomed milk note left too late for beneficial
Lose everything in reference to a bygone age
In the end completed never

Transport goes around the corner
Military is an option further away from
Days in a week I mourn for those hours from yesterday
The pause ends into actions with noise
Pages in heavy book struck on grass
At the ever burning smoke and heat to extinguish

With a million fingers to point at sabotage
A trillion less ways of resources detection
Argued case relinquish power to mechanicals
For punishment of a humanity defective
Lost the balance pesky shareholders
Closed ranks so on strike

Military prevention of forever round the corner
The only freedom is car
Despite curse of expensive
Just as the ruling class want us

In time to walk too dangerous.
Because you can never say "Shit... I'm fucked" enough in your own language

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