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Then Disraeli Holocaust... Or his friend Disraeli Honour-Whored
Unless it was Disraeli Willbeforced? No it was Disraeli's Monsters talk

In broad daylight cafe table slightly away from two way
roads in constant use

At table joining Disraeli was Anneka Crazy no
Anneka paraded or her friend Anneka Journey who inspired
Unsuccessfuls such as Anneka In Flame Breathes

But she was listening in on conversation
Disraeli said "Just you and us!
Never people walking!
Just individuals who choose to sit!
Flash small computer in their eyes
To generate a profile set up appointment
That must attend on pain withheld or fined!"

Anneka horrified folded arms hatred to cries
Disraeli Whatshisface Disraeli Invertebrate
Disraeli Generates Disraeli Tyranny
Just smiled produced engagement ring

"Anneka I Loved Her! No, Anneka Unremembered!
Or are you Anneka Stratocaster? Daughter of boy
Now called Anneka I Will Remember!
Anneka my darling! I have your surprise!"

From shops, corners, up from streets
Officials combat drilled to point at her machines
From every direction same personal questions
Screaming Anneka changed her mind every time
Turned to Disraeli Profanity;

"Oh my Disraeli!
It's WONDERFUL!!!..."
Legend has it everything planned.
Because you can never say "Shit... I'm fucked" enough in your own language
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