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First thing written fo weeks


Identify any who live inside the death trap
Not instant kill
But walls safe to age in

Hard was training
Heartless located
One chance better grasp

At pure freedom
A twist of armed
Would get me away from Eve

But what's that first thought?
Would closer get anxious deep evil?
Bitter policed

Record numbers increased
Graph chart all fire
As it's been telling you

In your heart of plans
In your mind of how
In your body of meat take

Steps down no eye contact
Then ruined was it all
Revivals still wide open

Needlessly pornographic
With ease mistake
As it now couldn't stop this

Product depersonalised consumption
Sustinence illicit debris falls to lap
Retrieve eat see what's happened

You left heartbreak but understood open door
Never have that foolish useful plan no more
Identified a death trap
But not instantly killing you

Staying here to be killed by time.
Because you can never say "Shit... I'm fucked" enough in your own language
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