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Its a self evident truth that if we aren't bearing fruits of mutually assured success in all things , were off our rockers.

that our focus leverages another's weaknesses for our own gains only underlines the fact that , while we can point and condemn the powers that be, were doing the same in schools and bars and boardrooms, and dating scenes. Currently humankind is only capable of complaining about the cattle pen they are in if they deem it constrictive, they aren't capable of realizing a farm that doesn't constrict one segment or another. that fatal flaw is societies greatest weakness and most poignant example of why they need overlords. its co dependence, be my parents and take the blame for what I really don't realize about myself. That's what government is to society. just a scapegoat for personal iniquity, where if the iniquity didn't exist , the government couldn't.
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