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The Doors First edition Unknown Soldier..

Viet Cong forces were in nominal control of most of the South Vietnamese countryside by 1965 and had established military infrastructure in the Central Highlands, to the northeast of the Saigon region..Vietnamese communist forces had operated in this area during the previous decade in the First Indochina War against the French, winning a notable victory at the Battle of Mang Yang Pass in 1954..During 1965, large groups of North Vietnamese Army regulars moved into the area to conduct offensive operations..Attacks to the southwest from these bases threatened to cut South Vietnam in 2..

The Battle of Ia Drang Valley" 1965 CBS News Special Report..

1965 Landings Day 1: Nov. 14 - ARVN intelligence source by intercept of radio communicationindicated that before dawn, some assault elements of the NVA B3 Field Front started moving out of their assembly areas to attack the Plei Me camp..At 10:48, the first troops of the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry (1/7) arrived at LZ X-Ray with members of B Company touching down after about 30 minutes of bombardment via artillery, aerial rockets, and air strikes..Accompanying Captain John Herren's B Company were Lt. Col. Moore and his 1st Battalion command group..General Knowles called General Kinnard to report that the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry had engaged the enemy mineand requested an additional battalion..It was around this point that Lt. Herrick radioed in that his 2nd Platoon were taking fire from their right flank, and that he was pursuing a squad of communist forces in that direction..Herrick's platoon is cut off..Under Sgt. Savage's leadership, and with the extraordinary care of the 2nd Platoon's medic Charlie Lose, the platoon held the knoll for the duration of the battle at X-Ray..Lt. Bob Taft's 3rd Platoon, A Company, confronted approximately 150 Vietnamese soldiers advancing down the length and sides of the creek bed (from the south) toward the battalion..Upset that Lt. Taft's body had been left on the battlefield, Capt. Nadal (A Company commander) and his radio operator, Sgt. Jack Gell, brought his and the bodies of other Americans back to the creek bed under heavy fire...Attack on Alpha and Delta Companies..When Doc Nall was there with me, working on Russell, fear, real fear, hit me..Fear like I had never known before..Capt. Tom Metsker (who had been wounded) was fatally hit when helping Capt. Lefebvre aboard a Huey..360-degree perimeter..Second push to the lost platoon..As the NVA attack on Alpha Company diminished, Lt. Col. Moore organized another effort to rescue 2nd Platoon, B Company..Americans dig in for the night..The American forces were placed on full alert throughout the night..Under the light of a bright moon, the North Vietnamese probed every company on the perimeter in small squad-sized units...

UH-1D helicopter climbs skyward..

after discharging a load of infantrymen on a search and destroy mission..

Day 2: Nov. 15 - At 06:00 hours: J3/MACV notified 1st Air Cavalry that the time over target of the B-52 strike is set for 16:00 hours..Heavy ordnance support was called in, but the NVA were soon within 75 yards (70 m) of the 1st Battalion's lines..C Company's command then passed to Platoon Sgt. Glenn A. Kennedy. Lt. Franklin was also seriously wounded..The battalion was being attacked in 2 directions...Three-pronged attack..Enemy fire started to hit the 1st Battalion command post, which suffered one medic killed and several other troops wounded..At 08:00, the 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry set out on foot from LZ-Victor to reinforce LZ X-Ray..Given the tempo of combat at LZ X-Ray and the losses being suffered, other units of the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) planned to land nearby and then move overland to X-Ray..At precisely 16:00, the first wave of B-52 carpet bombings fell at YA 8702 (about 7 kilometers west of LZ X-Ray), aiming mainly to strike the units of the 32th Regiment..

We Were Soldiers Deleted Scene (2002) Back From Battle HD..

Day 3: Nov. 16 - Shortly before 04:00 of the third day grenade booby traps and trip flares set by Capt. Diduryk's Bravo Company (2/7) began to erupt..For around 30 minutes B Company fought off the NVA advance with a combination of small arms and Lt. Lund's skilled organization of artillery strikes...LZ X-Ray secured.. Around 10:30 a.m., 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry received orders to withdraw from the battle zone while 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry and 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry took up defensive positions for the night..The enemy has lost nearly all their heavy crew-served weaprons during the first phase ... Their tactics relied mostly on the 'human waves..The battle was ostensibly over..LZ Albany Day 4: Nov. 17 - Meanwhile, the two remaining battalions abandoned LZ X-Ray and began a tactical march to new landing zones..The U.S. ground forces had to move outside a 2-mile (3 km) safety zone by midmorning to be clear of the bombardment..Events leading to an ambush..After marching about 2,000 meters, Alpha Company (1/7) leading 2/7, headed northwest, while 2/5 continued on to LZ Columbus..Alpha Company noticed the sudden absence of air cover and their commander, Capt. Joel Sugdinis, wondered where the aerial rocket artillery choppers were..Lt. Pat Payne's reconnaissance platoon had walked to within 200 yards (180 m) of the headquarters of the NVA's 3rd Battalion, 33rd Regiment; the 550 men of the 8th Battalion, 66th Regiment had been bivouacked to the northeast of the American column - Lt. D. P. (Pat) Payne, the recon platoon leader, was walking around some termite hills when he suddenly came upon an NVA soldier resting on the ground and reported to the HQ of the 1st Battalion, 33rd Regiment..As Friday, Nov. 18, dawned on the battlefield, U.S. soldiers began to gather up their dead comrades..Galloway also noted " LZ XRay 80 men died and 124 were wounded, many of them terribly," and that the death toll for the entire battle was 234 Americans killed and perhaps as many as 2,000 North Vietnamese soldiers...The notification telegrams at this time were handed over to taxi cab drivers for delivery to the next of kin.... are either in possession of a very new human ability..or a very old one..I don't read the script..The crypt reads me..I am only a cabman and a Grave robber..Okay I'll tell you what you want to know...

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