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Although when I first got hold of the book, I did flick through and read a few chapters in the middle and the end of the book.
But I've been going through it from the start now and I've forgotten how easy the chapters follow on from each other.
And basically I'm on board with the idea of "lizards" ("Reptiles", "Archons") due to the amount of folklore and legend from around the world with serpent imagery.
I'm amused by people still doubting the reptile in the outside world when they think of David Icke!
They clearly haven't read the book.
Just reading about the Matrix bollocks.

EDIT: Really loved the "watching the cinema screen without looking what's the projectionist or what the technology to project the film is being used".
I really get that!
Because you can never say "Shit... I'm fucked" enough in your own language

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