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Originally Posted by merlincove View Post
Don't forget that the illuminated one's work on a different reality basis, that they consider themselves a higher life form - the kin of the God's - and see humans as cattle.

The wolf does not owe the deer any karmic debt, nor does the eagle owe the lamb.

Killing humans, to the illuminati, is no different to the wolf preying on the deer.
Now, what if, this is the level you need to reach before you could exit the Matrix or re-enter skillfully and consciously at will...meaning exactly how they want them to be rather than leaving to chance? The mainstream education did not teach us that there is a hack, a key which is only available to select few because if everyone got it, they'd come back as multimillionaires and they'd lose their spot. Can't have ordinary masses taking control of the society. But thanks to the tinternet, we can share and access information in the comfort of your own home.

Don't forget, wolves or animals in general don't kill for no reason mostly.
They are either hungry or threatened their livelihood so it's to do with defending the territory etc.

But, if one soul imprisons another, then there is a massive karmic debt. But change the battle ground a little, and give the soul a choice, create a karmic debt system and a 'soul group' and the soul imprisons its-self by degrees, and more importantly, by choice.

Religion is a huge tool in this deception.

The one thing humanity needs to understand is the power it can harness when it works as one.

One rain drop, on it's own, might not be able to move a mountain, but an ocean, acting as one entity can change the world.

And, when we cease working as isolated aspects of a whole, and begin acting as a whole, then we can all go home.

Until then, religion and hidden science mystery schools will continue to steer us away from our destiny.

And, while ever we pay homage to the old rules, we continue to allow the enslavement of mankind.

And, if you like, you might see karma at work in that very action.
I think this is not possible due to...again the law like the gravity. It's an illusionary Utopic idea because we are meant to be individual which means that you are veggie and I am a meateater etc. This is how it is meant to be to maintain the dualistic balance. It's like you are saying I only want a North Pole when magnets always have N & S naturally. Yes, we can defy the gravity and go up in the air but that's not how it is naturally. Hence Unity you talk of is not possible in 3D....Ideal...I get that.
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