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Originally Posted by andrewjohnson View Post
Och, there ya go again! YET ANOTHER anonymous poster muddling the definition of theory and evidence!

Trouble with these internet forum posters is that they don't look at details, they jump to conclusions, they make assumptions and often end up making incorrect statements and deliberately or inadvertently promote false information.

Fortunately, some people are willing to make huge sacrifice to try and deliver information and evidence which is censored, covered up and ridiculed by those who should (and often do) know better. (That's what my book is about. It took about 1/50th of the effort to create that Dr Wood's book did and it's black and white mainly - so I decided to give it away free to minimise the moans of meanies).

An earlier attempt was made to have a publisher produce a version which might've ended up being cheaper, but then he disclosed he wasn't interested in publishing the book at all (having strung things along for perhaps 1 year or more). Morley Evans "accurate solutions to complex problems"'s review of

If you don't want the book, no one is forcing you to buy it. Most of the information is available for free anyway - either on my website or

If you think 500-page hard back books should be given away and delivered free, fair enough - and if you can find someone to print and deliver such things free, we'd love to hear from you - it would be a great constructive use of your time rather than slagging off those who are trying to do what I described above.

For those that want to read some reviews, go right ahead.

For those that don't, please "put up" or "shut up".
Can you explain why the evidence shows it could only have been a DEW and not mini/micro nukes?
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