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Watch this video.

I am going to retract a part about nanothermite being used to pre-weaken as it is clear not all of the plane wings went in.

At 400mph, the puffs of smoke are most likely to be the debris of the plane being pulverised. You wont see wings just simply falling of at these speeds, they were already smashed to small pieces.

As I pointed out in the 1945 B-25 crash, the main body had enough generative force to get into the building.

So with this said, its likely that the planes would not have been needed to be have made from re-enforced titanium, aluminium would have been enough for the main body to penetrate into the building.

If it was CGI, then the details would represent exactly what would happen in reality. I just don't see the point, nor believe the people who staged this would waste their time on CGI when they werent able to apply it to the Pentagon and were willing to level WTC 7 so obviously without a plane crash.

If you look at frames in 35-36 seconds, you will be able to observe a puff of smoke a good few floors below the right wing. That is likely to be a pre-planted charge going off. So with the wings hitting a rigged building, the wing tips are going to be pulverised even more.

So tell me. Why would a CGI expert slip in explosions inconsistent with the story NIST states was not a controlled demolition? That puff of smoke was going off at the same time the wing was hitting the outer wall.

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