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Originally Posted by da2255 View Post
Its not just the total force its the concentration and transmission of the force onto a single point,
Bingo. Just like the stilletto effect on ice.

Originally Posted by da2255 View Post
just say that planes are not designed by engineers to penetrate bunkers, probably all you need to know.
The Twin Towers were nowhere as near as strong as a purpose built bunker, where concrete can be a few feet thick, probably more. In comparison, the WTC TT were like tin cans. Secondly, the engineering used in those planes is anyones guess, lets be real. Most conspiracy videos use the assumption they are the actual jetliners that are part of the government story of events. So aircraft pilots are obviously going to say that these planes weren't strong enough based on what they know about the aircraft they fly. These are supposed to be experts, yet there isn't a single observable window that can be seen in the passenger areas.

So with this said, these planes could have been easily engineered and strengthened to do what we saw on the day.
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