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Originally Posted by oneriver View Post
I made some Apple Cider Vinegar last year with a bumper crop of apples from the two trees in my garden. It was suprisingly good.

This year hardly any apples.
Sounds nice and its free from nature.

Same goes for our pears, but this is normal when the timing of the seasons is out of sync with the sun, too coolr eather and the polinators don't hatch at the time the flowers are opening, I know others who have had a bumper crops last year and this was because of the better spring weather.

This year our spring was marred by geo-engineering, I watched them every morning and evening laying down the blanket across the rising and setting of the sun, every day they were at it and the results are evident for all to see when their food does not ripen, like our toms this year, they have really struggled to ripen as yet.

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