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Originally Posted by whitewolf View Post
How do you do that then? or where can I find the info on it? please share or is it all to found with Len.
Sorry OP for going off track but this really interested me. I don't have an answer to original question other than to simply refuse.
I do feel though we must become autonomous (we already are of course, we've been conditioned not to) meaning it's no good looking for answers or leaders 'out there' the leadership and answers come from within.
if you want to learn the science behind everything read everything on HUGE WAKE UP CALL if you understand the science.

but his information is still not complete. the author claims holodynamics is a tool that can solve all problems known to the human experience. I'm extremely scientific, I NEED things to make sense, be logical and repeatable. this guy is finally proving with science why our government systems aren't working, why our court systems aren't working and he offers how to fix it. David Icke does have links to this information but I'm perplexed as to why he doesn't highlight it - it's amazing stuff.

BUT IT'S NOT THE TOTAL SOLUTION, it's a peace of a puzzle. Read it and see if you notice the contradictions. Contradictions only point to missing information. I trust David Icke is doing his best and doesn't really want to keep information away from you. I trust Dr. Woolf (holodynamics) is trying to do his best as well so when I see contradictions I just keep looking for that missing information.

What we haven't recognized yet even thought we have been talking about it for years is the reality that we aren't aware of the "Unknown problem". Dr. Woolf is dealing with the "Unknown problem" because he wrote a book that he claims can be a tool that solves every problem known to the human experience yet it was written in 1990 and hasn't hit the best sellers list yet - why? BECAUSE HE DIDN'T LOOK AT IT AS A PROBLEM, he looked at it as something to complain about and blame others for not buying his books when he told me himself that over all the years he has NOT DONE ANY MARKETING.
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