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Someone has a prediction to who will win the Champions League final in Cardiff on the 3th of June 2017 between Juventus and Real Madrid?

Personally I find that it´s a very tight game where everything can happen. So I am not sure about who will win. So does someone has an occult knowledge about it?

We have Things that points in two different directions....

Juventus will win because...

- nobody has ever won the Champions League two years in a row. And Real won last year...
- Juventus are maybe more motivated, since they have not won the Champions League for more than 20 years.
- there will probably be more Juventus-supporters in Cardiff than Real-supporters.

Real Madrid will win because....

- they are more experienced at playing CL-finals.
- they have Ronaldo and he ALWAYS scores in the big games.
- Juventus always looses the finals in Champions League, so some think that there is a curse against Juventus in these finals...

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