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Originally Posted by evadinggrid View Post
Paul Watson - before he joined Infowars he was an SKINHEAD working as a Cleaner in Sheffield.
You only have to imagine his video cast in black and white, and substitute "jews" for "muslims" to see his racist skinhead views - previously buried, resurrected under the "I am not a racist BUT" meme.
Inofwars spent 8 years laughing at liberals defending the indefensible, the broken promises, the Obama Bots . . . . Only to copy that idiocy when its Alt Right.
they will want Muslims to wear not yellow stars, but a crescent moon badge - and will be convinced that they are not racists... that’s just Lib-tard thinking.
They have gone to the Dark Side.
Consider that Alex Jones has been taking very large cheques fronted for Oligarchs like the Koch Brothers.
My oh my .
That is some Fake News spiel EG .
PJW and Alex Jones were hugely responsible for the Trump victory, specifically targeting younger people and women .
Their rare brand of hard and tough talking based on open discussion and hard evidence appeals to a huge audience .
It is in such great contrast to the Legacy Media both in the US and UK .
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