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Originally Posted by sh3lly View Post
I tried to find stuff on these beings and info is very scarce. They do appear to be a higher-evolved type of race from what little info I could find.
This race is known as the Aethiens - also has been written Ataien. They long since evolved into higher realms and would be well invisible to us. In appearance they are usually whitish, or golden as they age, and can attain a height of 12 feet. They originally lived off plant juices but now obtain sustenance from light energy. They have wings and can fly but don't need to use them for distant travel.

They work with other beings throughout the time portal systems, soul travelling through the dimensions, and come from a parallel galaxy. They are emissaries of peace and growth to all brotherhood species. They may be seen working with the Zetas during abductions but only in the capacity of aiding the human experiance and teaching the Zetas greater benevolence. When they appear with the Zetas they merely accompany them and only when the Zetas work in brotherhood with all life.

As a race, they veer more towards the collective state, though are still individuals. Nevertheless, extreme individual creativity and inventiveness, which humans exhibit, interests them and consequently we can learn from one another.

They also had a war going on with another race on planet Mars long time ago...

Hope that helps

Love & Light to you sh3lly
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