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Originally Posted by reverendjim View Post
sounds good to me...pine needle tea is good. really. just a handle full of fresh needle steeped in the pot. no milk no sugar. tasty. lots of vit c and a
It is an odd thing. As I sit here, in my rented place, in the warm with everything on the back burner here in Wales, I have another life back in the big smelly (London) that is the opposite. There its a work mentality (for the man, boooooo) along with a make do mentality.

By that, in London I am not in a position to anything green other than have a reduced footprint (the footprint scam is nonsense in my view, but it shows you here a point of reference) and its all about work. I spend a good percentage of my time at the mo in london working. Every holiday and long weekend I am here in Wales. In london I CANT go green with all the wasted time I have. In wales I have small time to plant and do the basics like grow and build.

With so many plans and ideas, I sometimes think I am going mad as I find little time for any.

Ever the optimist though, I am patient.

I will get to make that pine tea within 2017. But it can wait for now. But on a plus note, I have found one huge pine tree on or land. It is around 60ft, and I only just found it a few weeks ago after owning the place for two years. Heh. I hope its the right type of pine

Edited to add...that the first thing I instantly did was to make a path to it, clear the area of low 'poke you in the eye' branches, clear a little of the ground around, and in general get ready for the magic mushrooms to spout!

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