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Arrow State of the Union


President George H.W. Bush (Part 2/5) Another World..

The Back Room, Austin, Tx - Gulf War (175 of 374) - Desert Storm Broadcast (New Zealand) 29th January, 1991..

The Case of the Badgered Brother - Todd Baylor has a chance to inherit half of his father's chain of stores with his brother Martin..His chance depends on an exclusive dress brand but Martin spoils his plans - The US and the Soviet Union offer to declare a ceasefire if Iraq pledges to withdraw from Kuwait - On 29 January, in the northern Persian Gulf, the 5 ships of Amphibious Ready Group ALFA USS Okinawa, USS Ogden, USS Fort McHenry, USS Cayuga and USS Durham steamed near the Kuwaiti island Umm al Maradim - Do you eat oysters?.. Lunar eclipses can be visible from everywhere on the night side of the Earth, if the sky is clear... think nuts don’t apply to the FBI?..We get ’em all the time..I guarantee you, you put the line in your stores coast-to coast, and it'll be the hottest item you handle in years, a real natural..Down where it is never dark the tormented sense beginning day as oysters in a barrel open to their lost tide..What are we, Crixus?.What are we becoming, Romans?.What's happening to us?...

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