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Exclamation Attention : help to fight AIDS

Hi glacidtek

I hope your friends is still here - i am sorry i having been back befor i have had the infomation since the 6 marts. But i want to help him to recover.

I hope this will save his life.

Yours truely

The link just below is to my question to Craig Oxley


HIV, Is there a cure?, I asking for a another person.

Question : I'm looking for some advice coping with HIV ?

Answer : No one copes with hiv as there is NO hiv. One needs to study all the information presented on my sites and the videos available to watch on this subject. They should make sure all poisonous drug treatments killing their DNA are stopped. They must adhere to a strict Christopher incurables or Gerson program. If they use their heads when they research the problem then they should do well. The best book available on the subject is the 'AIDS Inc' by Jon Rappoport which was downloadable here at one time at least. Craig Oxley

The Truth about HIV/AIDS -
Nancy T. Banks MD


Dr. John R. Christopher's
"Incurables Program"


The Gerson Therapy: The Amazing Juicing Programme for Cancer and Other Illnesses

The BOOK cost $11.56 on the us site or $45 on the uk site. when add us or uk custom tax and maybe sales if you based in the uk i am not sure how much sales tax it is the us depence witch state you and friend live in.

AIDS Inc :Scandal of the Century (John Rappaport)

The web of deception and outright criminality as the man-made biological weapons shatters the human population... The medical community capitalizes on every moment of despair through bombarment of the sick patient w/ pharmaceuticals and disinformation.


The Fraud of HIV and AIDS

HIV doesn't cause AIDS and in some cases it could be argued that HIV doesn't even exist. The real causes of AIDS may shock people. The tests are fraudulent fake science also.

THe ADIS section

LINK to Craig Oxleys new site

LINK to Craig Oxleys old site that was hacked on 11 september 2008.


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