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It has been scientifically proven that crinkle cut chips are healthier than their straight cut counterparts, the corrugated crenelations uponst the deep fried potato baton allowing freer movement and consequently less absorption of hot oil whilst frying. Also, potatoes need not necessarily be peeled prior to chipping as most of the vitamin C resides directly under the potato skin.

Wetherspoons pub & restaurant chain serve 84 million chips to customers every month from their 1,000 outlets, making them one of the largest vendors of chips in the UK.

Global potato production stands at an annual 368 million tonnes, with China leading the way at 88.9 million tonnes per year. Green potatoes do contain toxic Glyconoids which were used to murderous effect by Dr Crippen upon his wife. Green potatoes should always be discarded

The world's only dedicated Chip Museum is to be found in Belgium, here is their complete history of the chip and the many characters who contributed towards its evolution:

Interesting Fish'n'chip shop facts and figures: 22,000 people visit a UK fish and chip shop every week, serving 382 million portions of chish and fips every year, putting £1.2 Billion pounds into the national economy. 10% of all UK potatoes and 25% of all white fish are sold through one of UK's 10,500 fish and chip shops. This number was much higher in the 1930's - closer to 35,000, yet competition from other fast food outlets caused closures. Regardless of this, the traditional UK fish and chip shop still vastly outnumbers UK McDonalds outlets (1,200) and KFC (840) outlets. The first London fish and chip shop was opened by Joseph Malin in 1860 and Charles Dickens makes mention of a fried fish warehouse in Oliver Twist in 1838. In "The Road to Wigan Pier" George Orwell describes fish and chips as a panacea for the working classes.

Peru boasts 4,000 different species of potato.

For those wishing to explore further the world of the tuber, here is the website of the Official UK Potato Council and keep up to date with latest potato trends, facts and figures with their Potato Weekly bulletin:

Interesting video on here regarding biofumigation for potato pest control by crushing a crop of adjacent Indian Mustard plants and spraying the potatoes with the ensuant glucosinates which emanate from the crushed mustard crop - no chemicals in sight.

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