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Originally Posted by empath_ View Post
I've been on the forum a few months, I set up a new account this morning as it was saying I had no account..

Anyway, I wanted to write a post about Empath's - after researching the traits I finally found an answer to constantly feeling drained/affected by others energy. Also, the state of this world is extremely overwhelming - having to understand war mongerers, gross inequality, austerity, ecological effects of capitalism etc.. is just ridiculous to even comprehend at my end. I've been truth-seeking for a few years now so I'm more leaning towards enriching my and other's souls to continue, but I'd like to hear anyone else's thoughts if they are an empath or know of an empath.

Like when the TV is on (I don't own a TV but unfortunately at work everyone salivates over it. I see the newsperson talking about people from the middle east as if they are a different species, it makes me stomach churn and my soul feels.. sore? But I look around and people are literally so de-sensitized to the brutality it makes me feel like I'm going insane!

It'd be interesting to hear if anyone on this forum feels the same

Love, Light & Peace:luv:
Then yes i am one.
Well my problem is large crowds and the matrix period.

I can't stand all the polution I smell.
Gas smells in the air, oil, alcohol meth smells.

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