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Originally Posted by fanof2012 View Post
So was 9/11 a "let it happen on purpose" (LIHOP) or "made it happen on purpose" (MIHOP)? The latter is more popular at the present time, but in truth, neither is right or wrong because it is a matter of point of view.
Forces within the US government were responsible for 9/11 to an extent, and the military grade explosive nano-thermite residue found in the WTC dust is smoking gun proof of that since the US military is the only organization known to have access to nano-thermite. However, you can make the case that since the masterminds behind 9/11 were the Rothschild Zionists on the "Project for a New American Century," and since every single Rothschild Zionists on planet Earth, regardless of what corporation/government they work for, considers the Israeli Mossad to be their headquarters, then you can make the case that the US government LET the Mossad execute 9/11. Therefore, the people who say that 9/11 was a LIHOP are not wrong.
Every organization in the New World Order spider web of control was in on 9/11, but the Mossad played the biggest role by far. The documentary "9/11 Missing Links" exposes this in great detail.
There is also an article on that discusses this:
You might be right in a way. I think some people were LIHOP operatives, especially in the FBI and CIA, and in the MIHOP camp at PNAC, Controlled Demolition inc, the Pentagon, the State Department and at top positions in every US government institution. These are moles and Ashcroft and Cheney were the two most visible moles during the 9/11 attack. Lower down people either think the attack is real and want it to succeed so they can get rich from wars/surveillance/increased budgets etc or follow orders when told to respond poorly or not at all, and generally LIHOP, since you need less criminal energy to let something happen than to make something happen.
And to claim that Mossad alone was responsible when you have all sorts of US corporations and think tanks up to their necks in this, and the operative complicit institutions were CIA, NSA, FBI, NYPD, FDNY, NORAD, the Pentagon and the US media is willfully deceptive. You could perhaps argue that all of this is controlled somehow by Israel, but only by ignoring all the Americans who make a grand living from murdering brown people, and who always desperately want wars, come hell or high water.
The evidence really shows that the operation was a collaboration between the US, Britain and Israel/Saudi Arabia/Pakistan (all three US/British puppet provocateur states; Israel vs the Arabs, Saudi Arabia vs Europe/Russia and Pakistan vs India), just like every other filthy event taking place in this disgusting society. Pretending this is not the case and that Israel alone is the problem is apologist garbage to keep the slimy US/British establishment in the clear. Precisely the same thing was done to explain away the US/British connections to the USSR and Nazi Germany. These totalitarian states were blamed exclusively on Jews(German propaganda)/Russians(US propaganda) and Germans respectively.

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