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Originally Posted by solowrist View Post
I am of the opinion that the Begum female is a crises actor and that the whole event is a staged distraction. I mean, while the fickle right finger is pointing at her what's the left hand getting up to? Even if I am wrong on this and the story is kosher when is someone going to use the words 'betrayer' and 'traitor' to describe a person that toddled of to aid an organisation that kills and maims both combatants and innocents alike. Corbyn statement shows me that not only are we still being led by donkeys, but that there is a toothless bulldog with an appeasing bark straining at the political leech waiting to give us all a nasty suck.
There is something not right about this it does look like a staged distraction, getting close to Brexit and all we hear about on MSM media is this Begum jihad woman. Also all the bullshit about bring her home so we can get intelligence about isis, as if the government and military Mi5 don't already have intelligence, interesting to see what happens next .
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