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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
If you look at it from the perspective that these three might have been Adamski's contacts, then their appearance at the very same conference in which Adamski revealed his artists impression of Orthon would mean that they were deliberately attempting to communicate their reality in a subtle, coded way to a minority of people paying attention.
The above point could apply to the Adamski case in total, and is useful to bear in mind when trying to evaluate what really happened.

Consider this:

If Adamski's alien contacts were real, then their behaviour demonstrated that they didn't want to supply him with conclusive evidence of their existence to share with the world.

The proof of that is the fact that they repeatedly chose to meet with him secretly, or at isolated locations with very few, or no other witnesses present.

If their goal was to make the mass of humanity undeniably aware of their existence, they could have easily accomplished this by landing at a packed Yankee Stadium for instance, while TV cameras were broadcasting live, and thousands of people in the crowd had their own cameras to photograph the craft and it's occupants from all different angles.

Since they didn't do anything like that, it means they didn't want to create that kind of affect on the masses, and so it only stands to reason that the photographic evidence they allowed Adamski to acquire had to be ambiguous rather than conclusive.

That's a very important point to realise and could be key to understanding why the case seems to be such an infuriatingly baffling mix of probable fakery on one hand and more compelling and difficult to dismiss material and testimony on the other.

Here are Adamski's UFO films again:

The film from 0:17 - 0:56 is a good example of both.

Some people have claimed that Adamski faked these UFOs by simply applying a small object or mark to a window in front of his camera and then zig-zagging his camera around to create the illusion that the object on the window was actually flying around in the sky outside (actually it would have to have been done by keeping the camera mostly still and then zigzagging a sheet of glass or other transparency in front of the camera, but I digress).

On the one hand, the UFO does suspiciously appear to be avoiding any manouevres that position it behind the trees in the backyard, which suggests that Adamski is using the 'small object on the window' technique and is very carefully framing the tiny, superimposed fake UFO so that it doesn't overlap and block objects at a greater distance, thereby destroying the illusion.

But on the other hand, there are split-second moments when the UFO actually does overlap with the trees (0:41 and 0:55) and the stillframes of those moments not only fail to reveal any clear signs of fakery, they appear to indicate that the object could well be at a greater distance than the trees since the result is quite organic-looking:

Because their intention was to not provide conclusive evidence of their existence, the aliens would have been controlling all the footage Adamski released by one means or another.

It's possible they supplied him with all the materials themselves and instructed him to claim he shot it personally, or perhaps they secretly vetted it by other unknown, advanced means after it had been recorded and removed all the most compelling indications that it was genuine.

Adamski himself expressed disappointment with his photographic results at times and speculated that government agents may have replaced his authentic films with forgeries while they were at the processing lab in order to discredit his story.

It's interesting that no processing lab technician ever came forward to claim he or she had processed Adamski films that were obvious, botched fakes.

4:03 to 4:10 of the above clip supports the possibility that aliens supplied Adamski (or instructed him to produce) a mix of both genuine and faked UFO footage.

The lower white orb in this footage clearly passes behind the telephone wire in the foreground and is undoubtedly at a great distance and high up in the sky.

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