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size of light - I think the interpretations about the shoes based on the imprints are a bit extrapolated, personally. Based on watching lots of CSI-type shows, previously dating a criminal forensic psychologist (and reading her text books), and having an old friend who's a forensic scientist, I think a plaster cast impression basically tells you:

- how they walk (heel to toe or whatever);
- how heavy they were;
- what type of gait they have (bandy- or straight-legged walk, for example);
- how fast they were going;
- where they were going;
- what their shoes were made of.

I think you can possibly derive certain things from there also, such as what it tells you about their personality type based on the type of footwear in matches up to (trainers = athletic or comfort-oriented, leather-soled shoes = fairly wealthy, concerned with their appearance, etc.), but that's impossible given that this is an ET footprint and we have no base from which to make our assumptions.

However, I do think the actual anatomy of the shoe print itself is interesting in terms of what it could mean for the structure of their feet.

Bear in mind that it's a shoe print, and since shoes are walked on, any number of the features (or component parts of them) being analysed here could very easily be put down to wear and tear.

I think a lot of what's written there sounds daft to me and put me in mind of this:

Feel free to explain it further, though, if you don't agree. I like learning new stuff, so thanks for all the other really interesting stuff!

Dolores' androgyny does interest me, though. She actually looks like a human-suit disguise. It's like this in my mind: imagine the outcome of making a disguise or prosthetics after a discussion between an ET who had been here and seen people, and a technician or scientist who hadn't. That's how the end result would look. Like Dolores.

Oh, just throwing something more erratic into the mix and cross-examining the sources with other sources (my old history teacher would be so proud of me! :P ), take a look at this:

Originally Posted by The Terra Papers
The very name for a throne, 'AST', would be chilling tribute to the deadliness of the reptilian Queens.

In a galaxy of chaos and war, the SSS beings had no peer or competition. Ruthless in command, and efficient in their cruelty, the SSS-T Queens were brilliant politicians and war strategists, using events to advantage and manipulating wars to their advantage and gain.

Providing the Royals with the power to conquer and reign over their foes was a powerful military force, unmatched and unequaled by any other. Comprised of tall imposing figures, the SSS Warriors were cold-blooded warriors with frightening dragon-like faces. Though evolution had long since removed their scale-like skins, the plates on the body armor gave an impression of fierce, dinosaur beings.

Only a long ridge of bone rising from the forehead and trailing back and over the head remained to hint at their reptilian ancestry. Known as the 'M-K' or 'M-G', the appearance of the SSS Warriors alone was enough to strike fear into an opponent's heart.
So the question that I pose here is this: is this relevant to Dolores and her fellow purported Venusians? Just because they have a ridge on their foreheads, doesn't mean they're necessarily of the reptillian SSS race. But then also consider this from the same source:

Originally Posted by The Terra Papers
Lord AL-AL-IM began to immediately exploit the new solar system. The Sun was called 'Bad', 'where Death is'. In the immediate proximity of the young sun, was the tiniest world, christened 'MUM-MU', 'first born traveler' {Mercury**. The next world {Venus** would become a military outpost. Though possessed of super-hot surface temperatures, its inner caverns gave comfortable shelter for the IKU and BEH forces. This world would become p known as 'DAK-A-MU', 'place of the DAK inside'.
So that also links Venus with the reptillians. What do you think?

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.... I don't have a freaking clue what it's all about
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Haha! Me neither...but I DO love a good natter about the possibilities!
+1, both of you - this is what this forum is supposed to be like!
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