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Anagrams for Barrios:

Briar So
Boar Sir
Arbor Is
Arbors I
Air Bros
Air Robs
Air Orbs
Airs Orb
Airs Rob
Airs Bro
Sari Orb
Sari Rob
Sari Bro
Oar Ribs
Roar Bis
Roars Bi
Oars Rib
Soar Rib
A Ribs Or
A Orb Sir
A Rob Sir
A Bro Sir
Bra Is Or
Bar Is Or
Bras I Or
Bars I Or
As Rib Or
A Brr I So
Air Bros.

Air Brothers. ("Bros." was a commonly known abbreviation of "Brothers" long before the Adamski period).

Adamski coined the term "Space Brothers" in the 1950s as a reference to his alien contacts, with the term then also adopted by other contactees, writers and enthusiasts of the time.

Space Brothers/Air Brothers.

If you take the Dolores anagram, Old Eros, and the Barrios anagram, Air Bros, an interesting arrangement can be made of the four words:

Old Air Bros Eros

Old Air Brothers (who are) Eros

i.e. Dolores Barrios = Old Air Brothers who are Sons of Venus.

The other highlighted anagram of Barrios, which is Air Orbs could be a reference to the famous three-ball landing gear on the underside of Adamski's scout ships:

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