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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
According to the unholy Quran, Jews and Christians who believe in the one-true God, are just as good "believers" as Muslims...
Muslim is not the same as Arab by the way.
Not exactly true st jimmy is it ? The Quran gives a little and takes a lot when it comes to Christians and Jews. The option it gives them is the ability to retain their faith as long as they do nothing to abate Islam in the land, as long as they pay protection money they can remain Christian or Jew. The option it gives to anyone else considered to be a polytheist is conversion or death.

It sounds brutal but trying to dress it up any other way is a waste of time and regardless of weather or not those commands are carried out, the commands are quite clearly stated.

Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
I would like to know more about Danny's claim that Sharia law was invented (by the British Zionists) in WW I.
Without any hard evidence, I can't believe such a claim...
I think that Danny should have investigated this before posting, and if he did, I don't understand why he doesn't just post the evidence.
Considering how well presented and well researched the rest of Dannys work is I find it difficult to believe he could have just said something like that if there wasn't a purpose.

We all make mistakes and at first I thought it was done because he wanted someone to see if they are even reading what he writes. Then after Danny's second reply I realize it wasn't a purposeful mistake however stating that Sharia was an invention of the British after WW1 is demonstrably false.

If we are going to present an opinion we should expect it to be challenged.
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