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Default Islam and Nationalism - Divide and Rule - Greece - International Chaos

‘Historic step’: Greece curbs powers of Islamic Sharia courts

“The Greek parliament has overwhelmingly voted to limit the power of Sharia courts among the Muslim minority, seeking greater equality for all citizens. They were introduced a century ago in an agreement with Turkey after WWI.
On Tuesday, Greek MPs passed a new law under which the Muslim minority would no longer be bound by Sharia law. Under the old system, family disputes over inheritance, divorce and child custody would be settled by muftis and Islamic law scholars. But this parallel legal system has been accused of sexism and discrimination against women.
“The government today is taking an historic step by bringing to Parliament the bill on Sharia which widens and deepens legal and civil equality enjoyed by all Greek men and women without exception,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a written statement.
“Respecting in every way the unique characteristics of the Muslim minority in Thrace, the government, with the bill, rectifies past injustices against its members.”
The bill gives priority to Greek courts, and was supported by all major parties except the far-right Golden Dawn, which said it wasn’t clear what powers the Islamic courts would still maintain.”


The first reaction to this should be great.

Such systems don’t belong within society’s that already have their own legal systems. If you can’t abide by or tolerate the same laws within a collective community for fairness and equality and want your own laws, that not only differ but are completely diametrically opposed to the common law of the land then you shouldn’t be living in a society among those people, period.
You should go somewhere that it is tolerated or change your culture and legal views to the laws of that land and your collective community as if you are on holiday within that nation until you adapt to their way of life or leave.
This is natural for anyone anywhere not just Islam.

Such doesn’t stifle religious prejudice as would be the response to my argument, if your legal system you claim is because of religion is so barbaric and offers inequality and discrimination then that is not religion or peace, but man made systemic law which is not harmonious within your environment.
This is not to say that the laws of the land already are perfect but they are unanimous among the population. As this is and can be anywhere in the world...
If you think that’s religious to have such dogmatic law, you’ve been deceived that’s more like religious prejudice in itself of everyone else and is a complete inversion of the truth to your own demise and intolerance.


Nationalism - Perception Deception

We must also at the same time as this remember, this has deliberately been set up to clash cultures between the national homelands everywhere so we embrace a more nationalistic stance which is equally as extreme (I’m not saying national pride, values, identity and culture are extreme of themselves or there’s anything wrong with that, just that this deception is designed to create two extremes of each fraction, just as the Jews did have this same effect within Pre-Nazi Germany for that exact reason by an international agenda of Zionism. Not much has changed) so we can be divided and ruled, while the same is done to all of Islam so we are played off against one another and see each other as enemies, this is so we don’t see Our Traditional Enemy’s of the Truth and all of humanity in this picture because we are too busy fighting amongst ourselves.
That in itself is a massive deception so the ruling class can stay afloat upon our suffering and misery on both sides and this extends much further than Greece, these plans are international for an international agenda.


This is the opposite of the above to create a hatred, resistance and unrest and that extreme form of nationalism I’m talking about as a result so we look as nationalistic as the above image, so we can be further deceived, played off against one another and divided and ruled.

You can see this if you stand back and take another look.

You’re at war with a people within the Middle East.
You then at home tell people propaganda and truths about the culture differences and problems within Islam when compared to our own. You then throw in some terrorism and false flag incidents to justify your wars.

Then at home you chip away at the nationalistic culture and slowly replace it with a foreign one which is alien to everyone of the nationalists some of which are also Islamic don’t forget.
When you do this you natural grow to resent the fact Government powers are doing this and you blame Islam and you grow a more extreme form of nationalism out of it divide and rule.
Then when this is the case you fill the war machine with the extremists you have created and send them to go and bomb and regime change nation after nation within the Middle East, drop bombs on men, women and children indiscriminately after being against such acts extremely within Sharia courts?

Think about how this is designed to fool and deceive you back into their ranks and is deliberately influential as such to engineer your consent to their plans, their international agenda...
Everyone is an enemy within this picture to these people and we are all expendable for their cause. Through us they carry out this “cause and effect” relationship through occult practices and ritual to engineer our consent it’s really not that hard to believe or understand if you just open your eyes to this...

Can you not see how this is deliberately designed to cause trouble between both sides no more no less. It’s this way to divide and rule and both sides are its enemy...

Back to O.P. In Greece

So what I’d suggest now is an extreme response and such is said to because of these political changes within Greece.

A genuine response maybe civil unrest amongst many Islamists there, this could very well happen and like the situation in Iran, which may have been somewhat some genuine campaigning by nationals, which was deceived, distorted, twisted, exaggerated for political ends in the west for something other than what was actually taking place by the majority of those people. Some of these same international powers could make such campaigning worse in the same manner in Greece, than it otherwise may have been by Islamists themselves by systematically creating Chaos.

What we should look out for is of course another False Flag Attack blamed upon someone so this international agenda can flourish and gets what it wants while justifying it on the back of these actions while dividing and ruling us. No doubt blame Iran if you can and a few ISIS extremists and a bit of social media influence combined with more serious activities you couldn’t stop because of encrypted messaging services why not?

These are the things to look out for Internationally and think about them so you’re not deceived...

I don’t post these things hoping they’ll happen but to discredit them and the MSM narrative should they try to pull such off to deceive people as this is what they’re essentially trying to do everywhere, Internationally where this agenda is in full swing.

Again everything I’ve said here is just as equally true for every other law, religion and culture which is imposed upon a society by laws and law makers which are foreign to the homeland culture.
Just like “Jewish” law which dominates western legal systems and almost every other nation this international agenda finds itself because of International Zionism, which is no different to Sharia law and how they’d apparently want to establish themselves internationally. That’s why such a system has been created in the first instance to have a counter to the international global model they wish to forcefully impose, they need people to resist something else and ask for what’s desired within this global One World Government system, which will only come after the crumbling of Nationalism similar to after the end of Nazi Germany. It’s being set up to an extreme to be destroyed...

Do you hear the MSM banging on about that and such issues with Jewish imposed law within our legal systems?
Even a lot of legal jargon contains such Cockamamie Kolboynick Glitch within the Matrix Yiddish terminologies...

No they don’t talk about this, such would be “anti-Semitism” for sure. Why one and not the other?
Isn’t that bias, unfair and not in the interests of equality?

Sharia law itself was created after WWI after Britain had been killing Islamic opposition to their agenda within the Middle East, which created the “Birth of Modern Islam” so think about that for a second why don’t you...
After all the “evil” the British and other nations fought during WWI and WWII Sharia law was created and accepted after WWI and has been allowed and accepted all this time up until today when it can be used to clash cultures and potentially take society into WWIII because of course that’s the plan and it’s quite clearly systematic so hopefully I’ve opened a few peoples eyes here...

We are all expendable and being used as slaves to grease the wheels of the Military Industrial Complex.
Stop being deceived this problem starts and ends with you...


Some would think there’s an agenda. Not me though...
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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