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Originally Posted by blue2 View Post
Also Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar see there is a 100 year history. MSM Sulphur the Canadian one for purity from New Horizons,

I cured myself of stage 2 kidney disease five years last February doing Dr Schulze Herbals Kidney, Liver and Blood Cleanses,he is a Master Herbalist in the States but any proper Herbalist in UK would make it up and it is followed by a Glass of filtered water containing juice of a lemon and a teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper, i like Steenbergs organic spices these days and are stronger than shop bought ordinary ones,anyway that is for the flush and do for 5 mornings every so often and keep off coffee as it increases blood pressure massively and damages kidneys and is pro inflammatory.

Wheat also is acidic and pro inflammatory. Itis by the way means inflammation. See Dr Keith Scott-Mumby and his book Fire in the Belly easily acquired on Amazon, also his site I also used X4000 Curcumin extract from and would remove it from capsules about 6 of them and mix into raw organic coconut oil and eat/swallow. I did use Biona cold pressed organic Cranberry juice which is renowned for kidneys and i used beetroots to juice for blood pressure as it lowers it well. Probiotics are best not anti and there is an advanced one on

Also crush a garlic clove onto a spoon have filtered water by your side and put into mouth and quickly swallow for infections and it can also be quite pleasant with spoonfuls of raw Portuguese honey which i use from but with this you will chew and swallow but not unpleasant with the honey.

A year last October i took a 24hour mid stream urine sample for testing and the Nurse said clear as a whistle i had not seen a doctor either and i never told the Nurse it was a 24hour mid stream collection put into a sterilised glass jar with lid on,just poured boiling water into it firstly then cooled naturally. I also do have a cold pressing juicer an Omega Vert from for anyone who can afford it.
I lose weight when I take ACV daily.
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