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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
I am sure Mr. Farrell would have been overjoyed and overwhelmed by gratitude, humility and shame at his own personal inadequacies and failures when all he had needed was to have had your superior wisdom and insight when he made his report.
This is a forum where people give their opinions , in that one post you refer to I heap praise on Farrell and Jones ... I also point out their shortcomings and errors as I perceive them ...

Do you think Farrell was wise to tell his police colleagues 7/7 was a "Satanic Conspiracy" ?... the result was they marched him off to a shrink to get him certified.... luckily without success. ... but Farrell's statement was no doubt brought up in following appeals he lodged against his dismissal.

Just to clarify the 666 thing from my previous post ...

666 is a very fine number , the best , it's carbon , it's life , it's man ...

The dark forces (christianity) have been trying to associate this number with evil , telling us man is sinful , life is suffering , so it is reasonable to expect they would have staged a big event , a big loss of life on 6/6/6 to associate more negativity with this number.

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