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On close inspection David's jacket looks like a knock off .. Perhaps He's making a statement in support of copyright infringement?

Originally Posted by metak88 View Post
How much is Opel paying you?
Zilch ...

I'm more after backing from an ET group .... access to De-aging and other high tech ...

You may remember I am the flag bearer of the Holy Thelemic Empire .... the second , or 'Red' Beast ... (Crowley was the first , or 'Great' Beast).

And Thelema is spelt ....

So the first letter , Theta , is very close to the opel sign ... so is my name Oz ...liber Oz ... the Wizard of Oz .....

.Liber Oz

Once I get a sponsorship deal with an ET group , the transformation of the planet and civilization can proceed , as outlined in this thread ...

The Empire gets high tech assistance , in return the ET group is designated "most favored trading partner " ...

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