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It's funny how these masons say they are saying nothing but the truth.
It is only that you merely have to open one page of the earth's history and it's empire to see that it's servans will defend the empire to their death because without they will have lost everything they have lived for.

It does not matter to it's servants/slaves that they are being used nor that they are doing the wrong thing ( even in god's eye's).

This is EXACTLY how brainwashing works. You are brainwashed ksigmason. You have been fed this information to put it on the internet and claim everyone who talks bad about your "brotherhood" is a shill, troll or liar.

I feel like I am in Nazi Germany and I am not allowed to criticize your organisation. This is how it started. We all know how it ended. Yep, I went there. I brought in the hitler-card. Do I care? No, there are too many similarities these days to deny them at this point.

Something is boiling and the 33rd degree's know whatsup. It's funny how the masons use their sister-organisation, 'The Muslim Brotherhood' to clean up all the dirty work.

You too, ksigmason, will face god's wrath. You brought this on yourself. I hope you have fun in hell.
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