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Originally Posted by getagrip View Post
I have just finished reading a book called 'Anarchism: Arguments For And Against.'

'A political theory advocating the elimination of governments and governmental restraint and the substitution of voluntary cooperation among individuals.'

Those belonging to or coming from authoritarian parties find it hard to accept that one can organise without 'some form' of government.
Therefore they conclude, and it is a general argument against Anarchism, that 'Anarchists do not believe in organisation'. But government is of people, organisation is of things.
There is a belief that Anarchists 'break up other people's organisations but are unable to build their own' often expressed where dangerous, hierarchical or useless organisations dominate and prevent libertarian ones being created. it can well be admitted that particular people in particular places have failed in the task of building Anarchist organisations but in many parts of the world they do exist.

An organisation may be democratic or dictatorial, it may be authoritarian or libertarian, and there are many libertarian organisations, not necessarily Anarchist, which prove that all organisation need not be run from the top downwards.

So, Anarchy in the u.k -could it work ? or do you need to be governed?

What would be your argument ~ for or against.

In a perfect world which had government which served the poeple, government itself would be governed by its own obligation to fulfill its role!
TRUE - the world can organise and intelligently co-operate without government...
But surley government could do a better job of co-operating with the processes of co-operation itself!
It is obvious that many MPs are zenophobic, they token strike out against the politicly incorrect.. but thats just policy to do so!
Without policy they would all be transvestite dada dwarves accidently painting swastikas on banana boats every day, day after day!
IF government is ever to cease to be distastefull all it need do is fulfill its role and act as a "simplified people powered mechanism which serves more people than it employs in its own maintainance!", thus leaving civilisation not caught in inneficient mechanisms free to develop philosophy in the time salvaged"

for example..
If it was made illegal to become a consultant after being an MP or PM.. people would still apply for the position.
If it was mandatory to live on the state recognised minimum wage as a MP or PM.. people of political mind would still apply for the position.
If a PM had to face voluntary exile after his term , people would still apply for the position.
In countries of the world more desperate than our own, even maybe in our country.. IF DEATH ROW was the next step after presidency,, people of political intent and care for the people would still apply for the position.

OUR GOVERNMENTS do not vett for people who believe in the governments role perfected!
Our governments are zenophobes running from nightmares.. and making sure those nightmares stay amongst the lower people and not with the proper class of people.

4 years in power.. 20 in prison after..
yes i know they would improve the prisons IF that was the law
Thats the point.
Government should live in the world they build!
othewise you can arguably state their judgement is duplicitous and selfish.. heaven forbid.
their personal interests are before application of the peoples interest!
It is an definate offence against governments very foundation,
but there is no barrister in our country who would dare argue the case, after spending many years succeeding, who wants to downgrade to EQUAL?

Im happy to be governed by death row MPs..
Im CERTAIN we could still make up the numbers AND increase the creativity..
No lONGTERM for the MPS...
we need lasting improvements today, their legacy of social harmony perpetuated from beyond the lethal injection should be all they are interested in!
I am in no way promoting an "off with their heads" attitude to our current governMENt, Im simply stating i would happily exchange them for people who give a shit about the people more than they give a shit about themselves! I am happy for the MP selection process to include psychological evaluation to ensure this SLANT ON POLITICAL CONTROL IS "within" a junior MPs psyche,! AND WHY NOT?, If they are not polticly in favour of the majority then they should be dismissed as elitists.

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