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Originally Posted by bikerdruid View Post
marx believed that anarchism would naturally follow from communism, as the workers took over control of all production.
he believed that government would become redundant.
even in an anarchist society, it is my opinion that one would need some kind of government to protect the citizens against corporations that would screw us over to make a tidy profit for their shareholders. eg

i'm sure more people would be up to this kind of crap if they thought they could get away with it

The 2008 Chinese milk scandal was a food safety incident in the People's Republic of China, involving milk and infant formula, and other food materials and components, adulterated with melamine.
Melamine is described as being "Harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Chronic exposure may cause cancer or reproductive damage. Eye, skin and respiratory irritant."
i wouldn't want to live in a world where corporations became the guardians of human safety

Originally Posted by reverendjim View Post
and there is a sure way to screw anarchy....just add another unneeded ism.

capitalism and spirituality do not mix.for that matter, socialism is no better. on the one hand we have whats mine is mine and on the other we have whats yours is mine. believe it or not, there is another way. but humanity is nowhere near ready for it. until then i guess theres always stumbling about.
i disagree, spirituality bubbles up from the 'soul', not down from the central bank

Originally Posted by bodycomputer View Post
Yeah the internet is one of the greatest tools we have and a great opportunity. Have you looked into Bitcoin, because I am really excited about that and the prospects and the possibilities of what it could mean for society. That is our own Paypal in my opinion.

if bitcoin is bought with hard government fiat currency, then surely bitcoin is subject to inflation? ie

national debt = 100
can of coke costs 5
bit coin purchased for 10, can purchase 2 cans of coke
national debt increases to 200
can of coke increases cost to 10 (due to inflation)
bit coin can purchase 1 can of coke

bitcoin has lost value through inflation, i keep meaning to read about bitcoin but not got round to it, but i imagine that is how it works?

Originally Posted by vorwahr View Post
Go on then start a syndication online ,
I give it six months or less before its integrated into capitalism
Via tax or fees .
there's a few sites around that are close to what you propose
But with no production Lines and delivery system and lack of servers and the tax laws in each country they are no more than secound hand shops online with some free stuff

you couldn't setup an eBay type thing now in the current system
Who the hell would supply you under the premise that profits were minimal or non Existent .

It's why I gave the obamacare example ,
Socialist systems can't operate within capitalism , capitalism was almost designed around inhibiting or preventing self help it is the epitomy of dependencey on gov or big buisness and if you cross it there's jail .
Perhaps i've watched to much aj, but capitalism leads to crony capitalism (ie giant monopolies) which consolidates all the wealth in the 1% meaning the 1% then provide services to the impoverished masses through socialism?

in reply to the op's question - something akin to a nightwatchman anarchism seems the way forward to me

the only people i trust less then the government are banks, corporations and my neighbours lol
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