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Originally Posted by vorwahr View Post
Let's say we all used bitcoins what difference would it make if everyone was buying them with hard cash then once established as a currencey we would work for them as a wage ,
Oh look full circle back to where we started lmao.
Chill out vorwahr, I was only pointing them out to porridge because he mentioned we should have our own version of paypal.

Bitcoin could make a lot of difference, anarchists (which this thread is about) seem to love Bitcoin. It takes the monopoly of money creation away from the government.

It could solve a few problems some of which I'm sure you wouldn't mind seeing happen. It is deflationary and so therefore a government can't rob you using the hidden inflation tax. The money is also out of reach of government so they can't rob citizens like they did in Cyprus. It removes the ability of government to print money which is one of their ways of paying for things like war. It costs next to nothing to send to each other (currently less than 1p) so no evil capitalists are making transaction fees which are currently like 2 to 3% on credit cards. If we was all to use it, the banks would not be able to survive in their current form as they are no longer needed to store money. It also kind of promotes the idea of saving rather than spending on consumerist nonsence because it is deflationary.
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