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Originally Posted by davey6666 View Post
Hi. I am new to this forum. I am currently working for the government as a therapist but have struggled now for some 3 years to tow the line. I am hoping to move into healing or at least more real and hands on therapy. I am encouraged by my immediate friends and even strangers that I meet in my day to day work to follow this path. I and my partner have followed the thinking that David invokes and reading his books and listening to his talks reinforces our conviction that mainstream sucks! The way ahead is through community thinking and creative and independent thinking. Is there anyone out there who can tune into where I am now?
If you work for the government, then you are going to face a hard time and you will be persuaded to tow the line I'm sure.
Youll know there is a huge conflict between conventional allopathic treatments and natural therapies.

Have you heard of the work of Rick Simpson, ie. his 'Run from the cure' youtube video ?

Also take a look at MMS and its effectiveness for so many ailments, including cancer. It is now curing malaria in Africa.
Have a look at this:

You have a great opportunity to use your position to make changes from within.
Best of luck.

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