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Originally Posted by whale View Post
You could be right about Lavigne, have to look at that closely.

These teeth morphings are another story though
Lets see him explain that. Especially the glass eaters.

Not a bad debunking job but he never even mentioned Bush's slit eyes which was pretty amazing.

and this one of guy touching his face to get rid of that effect goes against what he is saying
Oh FFS again. Keep up.

The pictures of the Africans with pointy teeth. Are you aware that certain tribes file their teeth to a point as a cultural rite of passage. Bit like some tribes having their cheeks scarred, or faces pierced. I wouldn't do it but they do.

The rest is just issues with the digital processing apart from possibly the glass eater with poor teeth. And if he was a reptilian, what's he doing eating glass for tourists. Wouldn't he be running a global conspiracy network.
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