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Cover ups

Originally Posted by boots View Post
Interesting, the actual history that stretches back far in time of satanic practices. And NO they are not fussy anymore.

Pathetically sad when someone attacks their guru. They have to jump in and defend when the evidence is quite clear that Crowley admitted it himself.

But this is going off topic I just had to show the folly of stupid people.

Anyway back to the real issue of child sacrifice which is most important.

I'm glad to actually see a newsletter from Icke that only Premier Subscribers get to see. So I'll copy paste it.

by David Icke, Dec 16, 2007

David Icke
ello all ...
I have a crew from Belgian national television coming to see me on Monday to talk about the global trafficking of children. This is especially significant in Belgium after the child kidnappings and murders in the mid-1990s that threatened to implicate the country's political establishment and other famous names.
How they got away with it and pinned it all on a sick and pathetic paedophile and child-supplier called Marc Dutroux was the classic establishment response to danger that is repeated constantly across the world.
Often I hear people say that if child abuse, kidnap and murder was happening on the scale I suggest then 'they' would not be able to keep it under wraps. What happened in Belgium shows that they can.

Missing Children
As I have said so many times, people generally don't get their views and opinions from researched information, but from an 'image', an 'impression', of how things are. With regard to missing children, this 'impression' is heavily influenced by the number of lost children stories they see in the media.
If we are talking the national media there are very few. The enormous coverage of the missing British girl, MadeleineMcCann, who was abducted while on holiday in Portugal, is a rare example compared with the number of children who disappear every year.
While people get their impression of scale from the lost children featured in the media, staggering numbers of children go missing never to be seen again. I remember calling many American states a few years ago to ask for their missing children figures and it was truly extraordinary. On average, around 3,000 children a day are reported missing in the United States, never mind those the authorities never hear about. Add them together and you are talking hundreds of thousands of children.
Belgium is a small country of some ten million people and yet in the Brussels region alone it was revealed that 1,300 minors disappeared between 1991 and 1996. Around the world you find the same repeating story and multi-millions of children go missing every year never to be found.
Where do they go?

More Missing Children
After researching this subject in multiple countries for the best part of 20 years, I can tell you what happens to many of them. They become sex objects for the rich and famous; they are trafficked around the world by rings connected to the rich and famous; and they are sacrificed in the satanic rituals of the rich and famous. Others are enslaved into government and military mind-control programmes which abduct children to genetic order.
This is covered up by controlling the system at all levels: government; law 'enforcement'; social services; the courts; and the media.

The Pedophile Network
This is the pyramid system which the perpetrators employ to both abduct children and cover up their monstrous crimes against humanity. The point is that you don't have to control everyone in these organisations and institutions - only those few with the power to stop the truth being investigated and established.
This structure operates in every country and the Belgian case is a textbook example of how it works. Belgium is particularly important to the child trafficking, sex and murder rings because of the sheer demand in that country for the 'services' they provide.
Belgium only became an 'independent'entity in 1830. It was conquered and re-conquered many times after Julius Caesar arrived to impose the Roman province of Belgica, named after the Belgae, a people of ancient Gaul. Major Illuminati bloodlines like Charlemagne and the Habsburg dynasty have ruled this land and today it has a royal family from the German house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha - the same as the 'British' House of Windsor.

Belgium is a major global centre for the Illuminati and that's why they have established the headquarters there of both NATO and the European Union (EU).
The country may be only about the size of the State of Maryland, but its influence on world affairs through NATO and the EU is massive.
Now, here's the nub with regard to children. The number of paedophiles among people in power is absolutely extraordinary for the many reasons I outline in my books. The incest that goes on in the 'elite' families is part of the story, but there are other reasons that include genetics.
So here we have this small piece of land that is home not only to the Belgian bloodline establishment, but also to the vast military and political elite attending and administering NATO and the European Union. And where the bloodlines go, so do the child trafficking rings - supply and demand.
This is the background to what happened in Belgium and why it was so blatantly covered up. The names involved would have threatened not only the Belgian power structure, but that of NATO and the EU.
The story began publicly in 1995 when two eight-year-old girls, Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo, were kidnapped and they were later found dead in a dungeon under the house of Marc Dutroux, the country's most notorious paedophile, who, with his wife, Michelle Martin, had already served a jail sentence for child abduction and rape.
But this prime suspect wasn't arrested for 14 months, by which time the girls had died of starvation and been buried. Sabine Dardenne, aged 12, and Laetitia Delhez, aged 14, were also kidnapped by Dutroux and an accomplice in 1996. Months later they were found alive in the dungeon. Two other girls, 17-year-old An Marchal and 19-year-old Eefje Lambrecks, were murdered after being kidnapped by Dutroux in 1995 while on a camping trip.

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