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Two brilliant guests on last night, well done guys. If I was hearing that for the first time, Gaza, the state raping, murdering children, and what was happening in Iraq....then I think I'd be in a state of shock right now. Excellent work.....powerful stuff.

Also, taking the days news, with prescription drugs, and linking it to the scandalous behaviour of big pharma..... That's just the sort of perspective that you'd never get on th MSM..

One thing perhaps with 20-20 vision that could have happened slightly differently was the audio clips of Obama and Cameron reacting to the CIA torture thing.. You could have played them after Ben had finished talking about his experiences...

And one last suggestion, playing unsigned bands is a great idea, you could make it a feature of the show, say at the top of the hour, after the 9 o,clock news, introduce and give a little plug for these struggling musicians..
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