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Originally Posted by greatestiam View Post
So you would agree with the Jewish view of man's elevation in Eden and not our fall the way the Christians view it. Good. That is the intelligent view.

Yes exactly. I consider myself Jewish more so than anything else btw. But yes this 'creator' or 'ori' or originator' if you prefer was obviously only interested in a dumbed down idiot capable of being an obedient slave and long story short I think one of the fallen 'watchers' or one of the 'first man' that was both male and female came over to the worker man camp and put things via communications with Eve in both their heads that otherwise would not have been there. Its as if the one that communicated with Eve was trying to help man by elevating them in intelligence just enough to kick them in the ass metaphorically speaking so they could continue the waking process on their own away from the garden. One has to ask was this fallen one of the 200 that came to earth or was this one that was still you know, 'up there' with the "Gods" and was fallen or of the same mindset but they were not on to him to know this. I'm sure they kicked the Adam and Eve out so they would not contaminate further this originator beings plans to keep stupid or semi-intelligent herd animals for slaves or trade maybe. I mean if he had his way we'd still be naked stupid asses never learning anything. One wonders if he even taught them to walk or if they were on all fours.
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