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Nice to see a band like Queen actually being mentioned as regards to the occult or symbolism. Why noone on here or any researcher who delves into all things illuminati music industry ever talks about Queen is beyond me, especially considering the music and songs they made.

No idea if those songs listed hint at the New World Order, but they certainly do convey messages of an occult or satanic connection. The "Mercury" in Freddie Mercury's name has always been abit of a red flag for me and always made me wonder where he (or the forces behind the band) came up with that name.

I don't understand what you said about Mercury being sacrificed?. You're saying they bumped him off or that he didn't die of Aids?.

I noticed there's a Queen film out in a couple of months called, most appropriately, Bohemian Rhapsody. Looked at the trailer and the bloke playing Freddie looks nothing like him really. I no doubt suppose there will be lots of made up nonsense in it, but itllno doubt be a big crowd puller especially for the scenes at Live Aid, pulling the nostalgia heartstrings. Interestingly though, the films theatrical poster shows one side Mercurys face in one eye embolism fashion.

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